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Jan. 28 - Filled the bird feeders and shoveled snow. Lots and lots of snow.
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Archive for June, 2013

The Clematis and Daylilies At The Front Gate Draw Lots Of Comments

clematis,daylilies,picket fence,flower garden,growing flowers,garden,gardening,growing clematis,growing day lilies,day lilies

Clematis and Day Lilies

For Mother’s Day our sweet grandchildren usually give me a Lowe’s gift card. Perfect gift for a gardener, right?

I always buy  Clematis with those gift cards because then they can see what they gave me and watch them grow more and more beautiful year after year. That’s how I came to put Clematis by the front gate area. I’d never grown Clematis before but I kind of had a little idea that it was a delicate little vine with a few flowers here and there. Oh my, was I ever surprised when beautiful things started to happen. It only took a year before there were plenty of bloom. Yes, the vine is very delicate, which is surprising considering the amount of growth it puts on each year and the abundance of blooms it produces.

clematis,daylilies,picket fence,flower garden,growing flowers,garden,gardening,growing clematis,growing day lilies,day lilies

Clematis and Day Lilies at front gate


We have nice people stop all the time to chat about the garden. When the Clematis are in bloom (a very long time) most comments and compliments are about them.

The peachy Day lilies beneath them set off the pinky lavender of the Clematis really well. Both SO easy to grow.

clematis,daylilies,picket fence,flower garden,growing flowers,garden,gardening,growing clematis,growing day lilies,day lilies

Front gate with Clematis and Day Lilies

The Delphiniums Are Showing Off In The Garden But The Hollyhocks are Waning

delphiniums,flower garden,garden,gardening,growing delphiniums,growing flowers


The Delphiniums seem to get bigger and taller each year. Pretty amazing since all of them came from a little packet of seeds I planted in June four years ago. The first year they barely came up and were so little and spindly. The following year wasn’t much better, just a little taller. Last year though, they just decided to get up and grow and this year they are taller than ever, about 6′. The stalks are much sturdier too. I guess Delphiniums were meant to teach me patience because I sure wasn’t impressed with them at first. Glad I decided to just leave them alone to see what they would do. (Check out the picture to the right, that was the 2012 version.  See how much taller and fuller they are this year?)

Now the Hollyhocks on the other hand are not as prolific and showy as they were

hollyhocks,growing hollyhocks,flowers,flower garden,growing flowers,garden,gardening


in past years. The first year was sketchy because they are biennials, which means they come up the first year and bloom the second year. When they did bloom, it was gorgeous, with big beautiful flowers and lots of lush foliage.

This year, and a little last year, they have many problems. The leaves are covered in rusty looking bumps, the flowers are small and sparse and they are only reaching about 6′ at best, many not even that tall. Since they reseed so freely every year, I don’t want to continue with this crop so soon I’m going to rip them all out and clear out the bed and replant fresh seeds. I think if I can get them to grow a couple of feet that they will bloom next year. We’ll see.

Summer Flower Garden

front gate with clematis,

Front gate with Clematis

It has been a nice, warm summer so the flowers are thriving this year.

The arbor built over the south gate a couple of years ago has finally been covered in roses this year.

All of the Clematis are finally maturing enough to really begin to put on a show. Most of them are 3 years old, some are 4 years old.

Here are some shots of the garden that include roses, clematis, hollyhocks, catmint, salvia, peonies, irises, feverfew, centranthus, lavender, daylilies, oriental lilies, snapdragons, hostas, dogwood, delphiniums, larkspur and many others. (Click on picture to enlarge)

shade garden,garden,gardening,astilbe,growing astilbe

Astilbe blooming in the shade of the back yard garden

new dawn rose,roses,picket fence,climbing roses

New Dawn rose covering picket fence by driveway.






roses,growing roses,picket fence,aprium tree,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose pictures

Roses under the Aprium tree.

New Dawn roses covering the south gate arbor. Queen Elizabeth roses in the background.

New Dawn roses covering the south gate arbor. Queen Elizabeth roses in the background.







roses,growing roses,picket fence,aprium tree,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose pictures,feverfew,delphiniums,new dawn rose,queen elizabeth

Larkspur, Roses and Delphiniums with Feverfew in early morning sun

lilies,asiatic lilies,picket fence,garden,gardening,growing lilies

Lilies planted spring of 2012.







clematis, roses,feverfew,hollyhocks,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,picket fence

Clematis on the picket fence by the Roses and Feverfew with Hollyhocks in the background.

roses,sally holmes roses,growing roses,rose garden,garden,gardening,growing flowers,flower garden

Sally Holmes roses in the back garden







catmint,walkers low catmint,growing flowers,garden,gardening

Walkers Low Catmint in front garden


hostas,growing hostas,shade garden,garden,gardening,catmint,walkers low catmint,picket fence

hostas in front garden

lamium,shade garden,ground cover,garden,gardening

Lamium blooming in the shade of the front garden







Snapdragons grew from seeds thrown from plants last year.

Snapdragons grew from seeds thrown from plants last year.


grapes,grape arbor,arbor,pergola,growing grapes

Grape vines covering the arbor. Many, many grapes coming this year.








clematis,arbor,deck,flowers,flower garden,garden,gardening

Clematis blooming on a post of the arbor over the deck.







full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising roses blooming on the picket fence by the driveway

full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising roses

full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising rose bud












































Blaze Climbing Rose in Full Bloom on Corner Fence

blaze climbing rose,roses,climbing roses,training climbing roses,compost,fertilizing with compost,feeding roses,caring for rose,

Blaze climbing rose, 3 years old

Several years ago I had found a bare-root Blaze climbing rose on sale for about $3. I didn’t really want a red rose in my mostly pink, blue, purple and white garden, but the price was right so I decided to find a place for it. There is a 10′ section of fence on the outside of our yard along the public sidewalk that gets good morning sun so I thought I’d try it there.

It didn’t do much that first year but the second year it put on quite a show. Nothing like this year though. Since climbing roses bloom on the vertical shoots that come off the horizontal stems, I trained the rose into horizontal planes and secured them to the fence. This spring it sent up so many shoots, all loaded with buds.

When I saw all those buds I knew I would need to feed that rose well. I put a lot of compost around the base of it. Now every time it gets watered, it gets fed. Also the compost helps to hold down the weeds and keep the roots moist. A win, win, win situation. I got our compost from the city landfill, but bags of composted steer or cow manure will work well too.

Too bad this rose doesn’t bloom all summer. It will have it’s glory days now in the late spring and then will have smaller bloom times off and on through the summer.

I like that it fills up a big, blank spot and doesn’t take up much room since it’s attached to the fence so securely. Right now it is a show stopper though.

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