Is your soil alive?

If your plants are growing well and flourishing, then you can be pretty sure that your soil IS alive, or aerobic.

The living organisms in the soil break down the organic materials such as dead leaves and grass clippings. Conditions have to be right for the organisms to remain in the soil. When the soil is dead, it is referred to as anaerobic.

Anaerobic soil (dead soil) has little, or no, oxygen so the organisms can’t survive. This is why most plant growing instructions include the phrase “…needs well drained soil”.

Adding organic material to the soil will put organisms back in. The turning of the soil with a shovel or tiller, adds oxygen back in, which allows the organisms to survive, creating aerobic soil.

Soil Conditioners

Soil can have plenty of nutrients but the nutrients could be locked up and the plants are unable to get to them. There are soil conditioners that increase the availability of the food for the plants. One of the best products I’ve heard of is called BLEND. It improve the aeration of the soil and encourages root growth.¬† I’ve not tried it yet but I’ve heard some really exciting things about it. I’ll be trying it this coming spring.

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