What Kind of Fruit Can You Grow

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Autumn Star Peaches

It would be wonderful to be able to grow any kind of fruit we like in our yard. In reality though, fruit trees have specific needs to produce fruit. They either need lots of hot sunshine and long growing seasons (like citrus), or long, cold winters with a minimum number of hours of below freezing temperatures, (like apricots). Some do well in the middle of those extremes. So, where you live kind of limits what kind of fruits you can grow. (Check out the “Zone Map” found under the Miscellaneous tab at the top of the page.




Where To Plant

The size and shape of our yard can determine how many and  what kind of fruit trees we can grow. Fruit trees need a lot of sun to produce a lot of fruit. They need room to spread and grow and not be crowded. Crowding causes the tree to compete for moisture and nutrients.

Buying Your Fruit Tree 

Choices include:

  • Bare-root or potted
  • Dwarf, semi-dwarf or standard
  • Small and very young to larger and more mature
  • From local nursery or an online nursery (as long as they are reputable, both ways are good)


Planting Fruit Trees –

1. DON’T Plant in the Wrong Place – This can mean in the wrong Hardiness Zone or in the wrong place in your yard.

2. DO Rehydrate the Plant by Soaking in Warm Water for 12-18 hours –

3. DON’T Dig the Hole Too Deep or Too Narrow – Wide and shallow is best.

4. DO Add Water in the Hole and Be Sure to Tamp Down the Soil –

5. DO NOT Put Fertilizer in the Hole When Planting –

Your fruit tree will probably come with planting instructions but not all mention these pitfalls. To insure the success of your new fruit tree, just pay attention to these few tips.

See the following link for more information on each of these planting tips:


For even more information, check out this post:



Pruning the New Fruit Tree

Yes, even newly planted fruit trees may need pruning. Different trees require different ways of pruning. Pitted fruits, such as peaches, plums and cherries are pruned differently than apple  and pear. These sites will have more pruning information:

General pruning: http://www.ftpf.org/pruningfactsheet.htm

Pruning pitted fruit trees:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNytXvxWJIY

Pruning apple tree types:  http://www.weekendgardener.net/how-to/prune-apple-trees.htm


Fertilizing Fruit Trees

Growing fruit takes a lot of nutrients out of the ground and so fruit trees need fertilizing. Begin about 3 weeks after planting, (be careful not to put fertilizer too close to the trunk).

It’s important not to over fertilize. Over fertilizing will result in lush foliage and lower fruit production.

Check out this site for good information about fertilizing: