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Growing grapes

Grapes are such a versatile fruit and, if the conditions are right, are very easy to grow. Grapes can be eaten fresh, dried (raisins) or juiced. The juice can be fresh or made into wine.

There are different types of grapes, such as European or American, seeded or seedless, thin-skin or thick skin. Some are grown mainly for eating (table grapes such as Thompson Seedless), and some for juicing such as Concord or wine grapes.

All grapes are vining and can be trained onto a fence, arbor, trellis or even a pergola. The vines need pruning and training to do well. It’s best to keep one or two main trunks and prune and train the laterals that grow from these trunks.

There is a lot to know about growing grapes. Here are some links that will provide a lot of information about the selection of grapes, as well as the growing and training of the grape vines.

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