Growing Vegetables in Containers

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Fresh Grown Vegetables

If the container is large enough and there is adequate sunlight and water, almost any vegetable can be grown in a container. Some vegetables needs deep soil to grow, such as potatoes or carrots, others need more surface space, such as lettuce or chard. Some plants need to be planted alone (unless the container is very large), such as tomatoes or summer squash. There are vegetables that share a container very well because of the length of time to maturity, such as lettuce and carrots. Lettuce can be used from the time it is very young until it bolts because of the summer heat, while carrots are slow getting started and will just be up and growing when the lettuce is finishing up.

Containers of vegetables can be beautiful as well as productive, so if gardening space is limited, decorate your deck or patio with containers of growing vegetables.

Vegetables, whether growing in the ground or in containers need lots of sunshine to do well. Place the container where it will receive the most light. Also, containers dry out faster and will need to have the moisture level closely monitored to make sure the plants don’t dry out.

       Vegetables for Containers

broccoli                  kale                    peppers          chard

cabbage                 collards             potatoes         summer squash

cauliflower            lettuce                radishes         tomatoes (need support)

eggplant                onions               spinach           cucumbers (need support)


       Herbs for Containers

basil                       mints                 cilantro            thyme

burnet                   oregano             rosemary         lemon balm

margoram            parsley               sage                 tarragon