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Jan. 28 - Filled the bird feeders and shoveled snow. Lots and lots of snow.
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Summer Flower Garden

front gate with clematis,

Front gate with Clematis

It has been a nice, warm summer so the flowers are thriving this year.

The arbor built over the south gate a couple of years ago has finally been covered in roses this year.

All of the Clematis are finally maturing enough to really begin to put on a show. Most of them are 3 years old, some are 4 years old.

Here are some shots of the garden that include roses, clematis, hollyhocks, catmint, salvia, peonies, irises, feverfew, centranthus, lavender, daylilies, oriental lilies, snapdragons, hostas, dogwood, delphiniums, larkspur and many others. (Click on picture to enlarge)

shade garden,garden,gardening,astilbe,growing astilbe

Astilbe blooming in the shade of the back yard garden

new dawn rose,roses,picket fence,climbing roses

New Dawn rose covering picket fence by driveway.






roses,growing roses,picket fence,aprium tree,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose pictures

Roses under the Aprium tree.

New Dawn roses covering the south gate arbor. Queen Elizabeth roses in the background.

New Dawn roses covering the south gate arbor. Queen Elizabeth roses in the background.







roses,growing roses,picket fence,aprium tree,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose pictures,feverfew,delphiniums,new dawn rose,queen elizabeth

Larkspur, Roses and Delphiniums with Feverfew in early morning sun

lilies,asiatic lilies,picket fence,garden,gardening,growing lilies

Lilies planted spring of 2012.







clematis, roses,feverfew,hollyhocks,garden,flower garden,growing flowers,picket fence

Clematis on the picket fence by the Roses and Feverfew with Hollyhocks in the background.

roses,sally holmes roses,growing roses,rose garden,garden,gardening,growing flowers,flower garden

Sally Holmes roses in the back garden







catmint,walkers low catmint,growing flowers,garden,gardening

Walkers Low Catmint in front garden


hostas,growing hostas,shade garden,garden,gardening,catmint,walkers low catmint,picket fence

hostas in front garden

lamium,shade garden,ground cover,garden,gardening

Lamium blooming in the shade of the front garden







Snapdragons grew from seeds thrown from plants last year.

Snapdragons grew from seeds thrown from plants last year.


grapes,grape arbor,arbor,pergola,growing grapes

Grape vines covering the arbor. Many, many grapes coming this year.








clematis,arbor,deck,flowers,flower garden,garden,gardening

Clematis blooming on a post of the arbor over the deck.







full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising roses blooming on the picket fence by the driveway

full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising roses

full moon rising roses,climbing roses,garden,gardening,flower garden,growing flowers,growing roses,rose garden

Full Moon Rising rose bud












































Where to start? – How To Plan a Garden, How To Plant a Garden – How To Be a Gardener

horticulture, when to plant, how to garden, gardening, gardner, how to garden, landscape gardens, how to landscape, garden plants, building a deck, building an arbor, garden photos, garden gate, garden

Back yard in 2009, before garden planted, arbor and deck built

I’m trying to decide whether to began at the end or the beginning. Maybe I’ll just jump back and forth.

I mentioned in “About Us” that in 2009 we’d bought a very old home in the Rocky Mountains (zone 5b-6a) and had taken up most of our lawn. I didn’t mention that we also took down four huge trees and many large, old shrubs. You can imagine what a mess our yard looked. But…we had a plan.

Here is a picture of our yard when we began laying it out. The big crater is where a large stump was ground out and where the Queen Elizabeth roses now stand beside the deck. You can see 2 of the 5 little peach trees planted early that spring. The small one on the end is stunted because deer ate the top out of it when it first put on leaves.

Peach trees, Queen Elizabeth roses, hyacinth bean tower

Peach trees, Queen Elizabeth roses, hyacinth bean tower

I think the neighbors were a little worried about the nut jobs that had moved in next door. It did look pretty bad but we did put up a privacy fence to protect their eyes. Of course the picket fence in the front yard didn’t hide very much and the front yard looked this bad too.





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by Eliza Osborn

Is It Almost Time To Prune The Rose Bushes?

pruning rose,roses,rose bushes,pruning rose bushes,growing roses, how to grow roses,rose gardener,garden,gardener,rose garden,

Queen Elizabeth rose bud on my 2 year old bush


Soon it will be time to think about pruning the rose  bushes.

Well, not here in zone 6, but somewhere, it is almost time.









pruning rose,roses,rose bushes,pruning rose bushes,growing roses, how to grow roses,rose gardener,garden,gardener,rose garden,

Queen Elizabeth rose bush in winter


Most roses really benefit from pruning in the early spring, just as the leaf buds begin to swell. There are a lot of reasons to prune rose bushes, so it’s well worth the effort. Some of the reasons are:

  • To rejuvenate the plant and encourage new growth
  • To create a better shape to the plant
  • To remove dead or diseased stems
  • To encourage more blooms
  • To thin out the stems to allow for better air circulation

Because pruning encourages new growth, it’s best not to prune too late in the fall. The new growth would be likely to be damaged by the cold temperatures of winter. Also, by waiting until after the winter, you’ll be able to see any damaged stems that need to be removed.

Using the right equipment and tools is important. Long sleeves and really good gloves  are a must. I highly recommend deerskin gloves. Deerskin are the only leather gloves I know of that prevent thorns from stabbing your hands. See

Using sharp (to make clean cuts), clean (to prevent disease) tools is also a must. Use pruners and loppers (for the thicker stems) to make the cuts. The long handles of the loppers allow you to reach without getting your arms in the thorns.

Make 45′ cuts, just above a bud that is facing away from the center of the plant. Make the cut about 1/4″  from the bud, as shown in the picture.

pruning rose,roses,rose bushes,pruning rose bushes,growing roses, how to grow roses,rose gardener,garden,gardener,rose garden,

Correctly pruned rose bush stem (45' angle, 1/4" from leaf bud)

pruning rose,roses,rose bushes,pruning rose bushes,growing roses, how to grow roses,rose gardener,garden,gardener,rose garden,

Cut too far from bud










First, remove any of the dead leaves that are left. Then remove any dead wood (usually dark brown or black). Then remove stems that are damaged, broken or diseased. Also remove any suckers that are coming up. (Suckers are stems that grow from the root stock, below the graft)

Second, evaluate the shape of the bush. Remove the very small branches and enough stems to open up the center so light can reach it and to allow for better air circulation. This will help to prevent many diseases caused by moisture on the leaves. The stems that are remaining should be cut back to about half their height.

Some roses don’t need pruning. Shrub roses, such as Rugosas for instance, are fine left on their own. Climbing or rambling roses only need pruning to thin or to control the growth.

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Queen Elizabeth roses bushes

Don’t be intimidated by all the hoopla about pruning roses. Pruning really helps the plants and a healthy rose bush isn’t easily killed by incorrect pruning. Besides…it will grow out.

So give it a try.






Gardening Thought For The Day…

garden,gardening,flower gardening,gardener,how to garden,flower garden,garden design,garden landscape,growing flowers,how to grow flowers,gardner

Garden with no boundaries


The only limit to your garden is at the boundaries of your imagination.

-Thomas D. Church

garden,gardening,flower gardening,gardener,how to garden,flower garden,garden design,garden landscape,growing flowers,how to grow flowers,gardner

Flowers, herbs and fruit growing along the garden path










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Gardening Thought For the Day


Roses, Artemesia, Mums and birdfeeders

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.  -Robert Louis Stevenson


Hardscapes In The Garden

grape arbor,growing grapes,hardscapes in garden,garden design,design a garden,gardening,gardens,garden,gate,garden gate,roses,queen elizabeth roses,gardner,how to garden,gardener

Queen Elizabeth roses and new grape arbor in background

Now is the time of year to build the hardscapes of your garden, when lumber prices are down and plants are dying back for the winter.

Get creative and give your yard and garden some dimension. To check out the earlier Post on this subject just click on the search button to the right and type in “Hardscapes”. Check out this video on Hardscapes in the Garden.

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Ya Gotta Love Roses

apricot candy rose in bloom

Apricot Candy Hybrid Tea rose (click to enlarge)

Roses have been stuck with a bad (undeserved) reputation for being difficult or hard to grow. I think that’s a bunch of hooey!

Now, in some climates (too humid or too hot) they can be a challenge, but even in those areas there are roses that can take the heat and/or the humidity. If you give them what they need, lots of sunshine, well drained soil, good air circulation, plenty of food and water, you’ll be rewarded a 100 times over with beautiful plants that give you gorgeous, sweet smelling flowers. Flowers to enjoy in the yard or in bouquets inside, or to share with friends and family.

I know I’m partial to roses, but I’m not blind to their little faults, like thorns and the need to be pruned occasionally. If you use the right gloves (deerskin) the thorns are not a problem. Pruning basics are easy and unless you cut the plant down to the ground, it’s hard to really do much damage.

Like other perennials, roses can be planted now, whether bare-root (see planting guide at: or potted, they will need protection with a little mulch this winter. Then in the spring they’ll have a head start and will be beautiful, flower producing plants that first spring and summer.

growing roses with liquid fertilizer

Graham Thomas shrub rose

When buying roses, potted or bare-root, just know that the potted ones were bare-root earlier in the year and some of the roots  were probably removed so that it could fit into the pot. So the potted ones may look better but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll perform better in the ground. The main advantage of the potted roses is being able to see the foliage ad possibly  the blooms. Look for sturdy plants with 3 good (1/2″-3/4″) stems.

growing roses with liquid fertilizers

Queen Elizabeth (grandiflora) rose bud

Do a little research to know what kind of rose you’re looking for, hybrid teas – one bloom per stem, floribunda or grandiflora – multiple blooms per stem, or climbing roses to go up over an arbor or column, just to name a few. There’s so many to choose from and that is a lot of the fun, looking at all the different roses and picturing where you’ll put them in your yard.

using liquid fertilizers to grow roses

Medallion rose

I have favorites, some because of their color, some their perfume and some because of the way they grow. You’ll want to consider all of these traits when choosing your roses.

queen elizabeth roses in bloom in garden

Queen Elizabeth roses and peach trees.

Don’t be intimidated by what you may have heard about growing roses. At least give them a try and see if you don’t fall in love with them too.

growing bare-root roses with liquid fertilizers

Brandy Rose rose in bud


growing hybrid tea roses in garden

Brandy Rose rose as it opens


using liquid fertilizers to get more rose blooms

Brandy Rose rose fully open now.

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by Eliza Osborn

Enjoying the Garden

Phlox with buttefly

Beautiful butterfly on Phlox

Garden in back yard

Agastache, Sedum, Phlox, Roses and Rhubarb

Taking time to enjoy the garden is such an important part of gardening.My husband would probably smile to read this.

As a gardener, it is hard for me to just stroll through the garden without bending over to pull a weed or move something around. Even as I sit and relax with a book and cool drink, something will catch my eye and I’ll get an idea of where to move a plant or how to change something.

I’m trying though, sometimes I have to focus on just listening to the birds and enjoying the beauty of the garden. Forget about the weeds, I know they will be there tomorrow and will be easier to pull because they’ll be taller and I won’t have to bend over so far.

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by Eliza Osborn

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