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Jan. 28 - Filled the bird feeders and shoveled snow. Lots and lots of snow.
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Peach Blossoms and Birds Singing

peach blossoms,peach trees,spring garden,fruit trees,growing fruit,growing peaches, garden,gardening,gardener

Peach Blossoms

As if the gorgeous sunshine and warmer (74′) weather aren’t enough to make me super excited that Spring is finally here, the peach and plum trees are in bloom and the birds are singing away.

There is so much to do in the garden, but I have to admit that it has been hard accomplishing anything because I just want to BE in the garden, absorbing all the things coming back to life after such a long, cold winter.

The yard help came and went and did such a fantastic job (I’ll post pictures later of their work) that I can take time to enjoy the garden. It is fun to see things coming up that I had forgotten were there. In the Fall I usually put in more perennials (mainly because they are on sale then) and so it’s a surprise to see the new plants emerge.

Plum blossoms,plum trees,growing plums,growing peaches,fruit trees,spring garden,garden,gardening,gardener

Plum Blossoms

The Aprium trees were in full bloom when temperatures dropped down to the mid 20’s so I’m not hopeful of getting many, or any, of them this year. The Apricots and Cherry buds were beginning to open and so this may be a bad year for them too. If we don’t get a lot of fruit, at least the trees will have a year to rest and get stronger.

Now we just have to wait another month before planting the rest of the garden, the annuals and vegetables. Gardening teaches us patience.

Spring Has Sprung At Last – Some Spring Garden Photos

Butterfly Eyes


Brandy Rose rose and Sage




Easy Does It roses


Clematis on arbor gate


Chives and Sage in bloom


Climbing Blaze rose on outside of back fence


Pink Irises


Centranthus in bloom


Snapdragons in a pot


Transplanted Rhubarb has come up (Lettuce, Beets, Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi, Tomatoes, Green Beans and Onions in raised beds)



Butterfly on Centranthus


All the Hostas made it through the winter


Creeping Phlox in bloom





Rose Bud


Very fragrant Graham Thomas rose


Early Clematis




Springtime in the garden is magical…at least this spring it is. Last spring was so cold and wet, maybe that’s why I’m appreciating this year so much.

Even though the flowers are just beginning to bloom, there are so many more that are just waking up and setting buds. The saying with perennials…”first year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap“. This is the third year for most of our perennials and I am expecting some leaping.

So much to look forward to in the garden this year.



Clematis Are Blooming

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Early Clematis in bloom on iron gate of grape arbor

One of the earliest signs that Spring is really here, is the early Clematis bursting with blooms. I have a lot of Clematis and unfortunately I bought most of them before I understood the different blooming/pruning patterns completely.

After a season of the quick, early bloomers and then a season of the last all summer and into fall bloomers, well I thought I’d really made some poor choices of some of my Clematis. But, now when the early ones are blooming so beautifully, when most other plants are just setting buds for blooms, I’m thinking the early ones do have their advantages. After a long winter (and this one wasn’t all that bad) it’s so nice to again see some color in the garden…the earlier the better,

There Is A Time For Every Season…In The Garden

tulips,spring garden,garden,gardening,gardener,spring flowers,growing spring flowers,growing flowers,how to grow flowers,garden chores,

Tulips in spring

I doubt that I’m much different from most other gardeners as I eagerly await the warm days of spring when I can get back out into the garden.

There are a few things that can be done early, that need to be done early…and some that can be done too early.

As I look around the garden I see sticks and twigs from winter winds strewed all over the place. There are still stalks of some of the flowers I leave for the birds to get the seeds from. These things need to be removed before the spring plants begin to appear. Also, after danger of frost, some of the protective mulch can be pulled back.

It is very tempting though, to start digging around in the dirt. It’s important not to work with soil that is wet or moist. It disturbs the structure of the soil and can cause it to compact. So if it’s too early in the spring, wait just a little longer to get going in the garden.

Spring will come…it’s teaching us patience.

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Japanese Anemones
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